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 Anyone Remember me?

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PostSubject: Anyone Remember me?   Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:07 am

Decided to check in recently reinstalled UT just for the fun of it and didn't see any servers that were familiar. I usually played in DTA's server but I never joined the clan. I hope everyone's doing well, it's been so long! If anyone remembers me add my Xfire account, wouldn't mind catching up with some of you guys (: Also does DTA have a instagib server? I'd love to play with some people I know T_T My aims becomes really rusty since last I played though ):

Xfire: Kaitorious

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone Remember me?   Wed Feb 02, 2011 8:01 pm

I remember you!! There are a few ppl that pops in here every now and then, but I am not sure if they still play UT or not. We don't have an official server now!! Ck has been wanting to get back together with everyone but we have had a lot going on lately!!

Our 11 yr old just got out of the hospital with double pnuemonia!!
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Anyone Remember me?
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